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Sound effects producer Hollywood Edge has a new set of exclusive effects, all from the work of Academy Award-winning sound designer Alan Howarth.

Part of the Premiere Editions line, Hollywood Edge has put together three volumes of Howarth's effects from his work on many science fiction, adventure, horror blockbusters. Included in the collection are hundreds of effects from movies such as the first six "Star Trek" films, "Army of Darkness," "Poltergeist," "Die Hard II," "Back to the Future" and "The Little Mermaid."

The collections, to be promoted during the NAB Show, include vehicles, aircraft, animals, people, monsters, volcanoes, earthquakes, water effects, weapons, electronics, science fiction sounds along with a number of "action" sounds such as explosions, impacts crashes, hauntings, laughs and bullet whizzes/ricochets.

Howarth won an Academy Award for his work on "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and has been nominated or received certificates for "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "The Hunt for Red October" and "Back to the Future I and II." He's also a composer and winner of other industry awards.

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