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Hooking Up With QuickLinkIP

SystemsStore application aids in connecting Barix IP audio equipment

SystemsStore is offering a new application, QuickLinkIP, aimed at helping users of Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer link their units.

According to SystemsStore, QuickLinkIP guides the linking of home and destination, so actual human beings need not know IP addresses or other IP tech practices.

QuickLinkIP also is designed to be set set-and-forget, to eliminate the need of constant monitoring by an IP staff.

It works by preprogramming units to seek out a “traversal” server situated on the Internet. The units then download important information and IP addresses needed to complete their link.

QuickLinkIP can be preprogrammed into Barix boxes that SystemsStore sells or can be retrofitted by SystemsStore for units already in the field.

Price: $395. Requires a yearly service renewal.