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IBC Exhibitor Viewpoint: Dr. Katrin Kobe, TRANSRADIO

The company is moving back into the VHF/FM transmitter market segment with the introduction of its new compact line

As IBC2015 gets closer, we continue our series of short Q&As with manufacturers about their plans and offerings, to help you get the most out of the annual trade show. Dr. Katrin Kobe is CEO of Germany company TRANSRADIO.

Dr. Katrin Kobe of TransradioRadio World: How has business been for the company since last year’s IBC Show?

Dr. Katrin Kobe: Over the years, we have encountered a non-periodic fluctuation of inquiries and contract awards in the broadcast industry. We are pleased to say that since IBC2014, we have had an increased number of inquiries, allowing us to anticipate the outcome of this year’s IBC show with both confidence and curiousity.

RW: What new products will your company be showing?

Dr. Kobe: After temporarily backing away from the VHF/FM transmitter segment, we are delighted to present a new compact family of VHF/FM transmitters, which require the least possible space and feature excellent audio quality and efficiency.

RW: Why should attendees visit your booth?

Dr. Kobe: Apart from introducing our new VHF/FM transmitter line, we like to offer visitors to our booth a platform on which to discuss our technology and offerings with TRANSRADIO’s highly specialized staff R&D, sales and manufacturing. This allows us to illustrate the technical and economic benefits of our products and to deepen our understanding of our visitor’s particular interests and requirements.

RW: The Internet has changed the way people do business. Some would say that it has rendered shows such as the IBC obsolete. Is this true?

Dr. Kobe: The Internet has without a doubt left its mark on our operations. Nevertheless, TRANSRADIO considers the IBC show to be an excellent venue for getting a feel for the marketplace’s mood, observe new technical tendencies and to get an idea of future business opportunities. We value face-to-face contacts, which are indispensible for an efficient exchange of ideas and views — something the Internet can support effectively, but not fully substitute.

RW: You’re a show veteran, what’s your favorite thing about the show?

Dr. Kobe: The show is an important occasion for us to share our technology and developments with customers, sales agents, developers and all kinds of people interested in the broadcasting world.

RW: Least favorite thing?

Dr. Kobe: Frankly speaking, having to determine the perpetually recurring question about the cost-benefit ratio of participating at the show.

RW: How has IP technology affected you?

Dr. Kobe: TRANSRADIO applies IP technology wherever it provides our customers additional value without compromising operator safety and reliability of operation. This concerns either the remote control of our equipment installed on unmanned sites, or remote fault diagnosis in the unlikely event of troubleshooting needs. In this context, the highest priority is given to prevent our systems from third party access.

RW: How has social media affected you?

Dr. Kobe: Presently, social media doesn’t play much of a role in our markets, but the future will indicate if its role increases.