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IBC Exhibitor Viewpoint: Joe Klinger, JK Audio

"The loss of the 3.5 mm headset jack on mobile phones has caused a resurgence in Bluetooth interest"

Joe Klinger

Joe Klinger is president of JK Audio Inc. For more product and exhibitor news, see the IBC Show tab

Radio World: What are you hearing from radio customers about their business outlook?

Joe Klinger: We hear mainly through our dealer network that this has been a very strange year. While they are seeing some apprehension in spending, our products are fairly cost effective, so our sales tend to increase when budgets get tight.

Growth is all over the map, literally, as we provide such a wide range of products to countries with differing infrastructures.

RW: Your products help professional users get audio in and out of telephone systems. How has the explosion of internet connectivity changed or challenged your business model?

Klinger: Since our beginning, we’ve offered interfaces to ANY telephone system. While IP presents its challenges in the digital realm, the end user often just wants to capture an interview or put a caller on the air. In the past year, we sent one customer over 1,200 low-cost interfaces to record and play audio into Cisco phones in their call centers. At the same time, we are supplying a variety of customers with our more sophisticated AutoHybrid IP2 SIP VoIP interface.

RW: What technology priorities or issues are most on the minds of your clients as they come to IBC?

Klinger: The loss of the 3.5 mm headset jack on mobile phones has caused a resurgence in Bluetooth interest. JK Audio has led the market with the widest variety of Bluetooth products for the radio reporter, both for interview recording and live broadcasts. Broadcasters can use either our wired or wireless interfaces along with smart phone codec apps to go live at a minimal cost.

RW: JK Audio products will be in the Vortex booth. What new or recent products will you feature?

Klinger: While the emphasis in the booth this year will be on our intercom interfaces, you will also find a selection of products with more appeal to the European market, including mobile phone and VoIP interfaces.

RW: What else should readers know about IBC or about recent global radio trends as observed by JK Audio?

Klinger: Someone asked the question “How long before your product can be replaced by an app on a smartphone?” This question affects everyone in radio from the talent to the antenna (or stream). While many JK Audio products work in conjunction with smartphone apps, a number of our analog products will soon be obsolete. We must all welcome the challenge to replace obsolescence with opportunity.

IBC Stand: 12.G11 (Vortex Communications)