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IBC Sneak Peek: APT Announces Codec Advances

Range of audio codecs now feature support for analog MPX over IP

WorldCast Systems has announced the development of support for analog MPX over IP on its APT range of audio codecs. This follows the firm’s 2014 announcement of support for digital MPX over IP.

Support for Analog MPX over IP will initially be available on the AoIP card of the APT Multichannel codec, explains WorldCast. The company adds that the AoIP card will provide analog MPX inputs and outputs, allowing the transmission of analog MPX (unbalanced and balanced) as well an analog stereo audio interface.

In addition to the core support for analog and digital MPX over IP, WorldCast’s APT codecs offer additional advantages thanks to SureStream and ScriptEasy, says the firm. SureStream technology ensures that the IP connection used to transport the MPX signal remains “always on” for highly reliable distribution, while ScriptEasy enables the APT codec to autonomously manage backup switching on the MPX inputs as well as offering other management features.

IBC stand: 8.B60