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IBC Sneak Peek: APT Announces SureStreamer

Adds the latest in IP audio technology to existing audio codecs

At IBC2014 WorldCast Systems is introducing APT SureStreamer, a system the company says enables broadcasters to upgrade outdated audio networks affordably.

APT SureStreamer allows broadcasters with existing, basic IP audio codecs to take advantage of the latest technology by permitting reliable, broadcast-grade connections over the public Internet, both wired and wirelessly.

Many broadcasters with older or entry-level IP audio codecs face a choice of paying for a managed IP service that provides performance guarantees or exposing their audio content to the unreliable and unpredictable nature of the public Internet. Adding the APT SureStreamer into a network, explains Worldcast, will enable a broadcaster with an existing single-port IP codec to use APT’s redundant streaming technology, SureStream, achieving the quality and reliability of a managed service (or that of a T1 /E1 link) without the associated cost.

Using either two separate wired internet connections or one wired, one wireless (i.e. DSL plus 3G/4G), the APT SureStreamer allows the broadcaster to send the same audio content over divergent paths for increased redundancy.

IBC Stand: 8.B60