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IBC SNEAK PEEK: Audioarts Strikes Lightning

Wheatstone value brand board available in 12- and 16-channel models

The Audioarts Engineering Lightning is a standalone console that is intended for studios that have mostly microphone or analog source inputs and where a lot of studio routing isn’t required. It doesn’t have the extensive A/D, D/A conversions of a typical digital board, yet it can work with editing software, Skype or other external sources through USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Lightning comes in 12- or 16-channel tabletop configurations and has a modular design with four channel input panels, and a master/monitor panel with linear faders for headphone and control room level control. All faders are conductive plastic and all switches are LED illuminated. Input channels have A/B source selection, with balanced line in for the A source and trimmable –10 dBV to +4 dBu line in on B.

Standard features include four stereo program buses, two auto mix-minuses for call-ins, four mic preamps with variable gain trim and switchable 48 V phantom power, plus built-in headphone jack and cue speaker amplifiers. Additional four-channel mic preamp cards can be fitted if needed.

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USB and Bluetooth connectivity onboard is useful for playing audio directly from a PC or to output audio to edit in VoxPro or other recording software, as well as receive and record calls from Bluetooth-enabled cellphones or play cuts from MP3 players. The console also contains a patchable AES input for connecting a digital source to any fader, and built-in A/D conversion for the main program output so operators can access the program air feed as balanced analog, AES3 digital or both simultaneously.

IBC Stand 8.C91