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IBC Sneak Peek: BW Broadcast Showcases TR300 V2

The one-unit system lets users transmit, receive and re-broadcast

The TR300 V2 single-box FM translator from U.K.-based BW Broadcast combines the technology of the company’s V2 transmitters along with its RBRX1 re-broadcast receiver. The system, the company says, is faster and easier to set-up, cheaper to maintain and eliminates compatibility problems of a two-box system.

According to BW Broadcast, the unit’s built-in DSP receiver is able to pull in “even the weakest signals” and its low distortion modulator allows the system to rebroadcast a clear signal, even at difficult translator sites. In addition, the TR300 V2 features a four-band DSP audio processor and stereo generator.

Equipped with email alarms, SNMP, Telnet, UDP and local SD card logging for monitoring of the translator, it is possible to access the translator remotely via a remote control app. BW Broadcast adds that quick-change parts allow for easy change of parts, reducing off-air time.

IBC stand:8.E73