IBC Sneak Peek: DAB/DAB+ Monitors From Inovonics

New INOminis for internet-enabled DAB/DAB+ monitoring
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Working with its distributor Radica, Inovonics is releasing two new DAB/DAB+ monitors.

The INOmini 660 is a DAB/DAB+ confidence monitor for Band II broadcasts. It provide

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s and logs PAD metadata. Alarms for carrier loss, digital program loss, and audio loss are provided on the front-panel LCD and rear-panel tallies. A USB port allows for updates and file transfer. Outputs are L/R analog and AES digital.

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The INOmini 662 DAB/DAB+ is the latest in Inovonics’ SiteStreamer line of internet-powered remote monitors. The 662 can monitor up to six sources with a variety of modes including sequential monitoring. It also includes BandScanner for a spectrum plotting of Band III.

Alarms the 662 provides include signal loss, audio loss and DAB/DAB+ loss. Alarms can be sent via SMS or email.

Both units are expected by the end of 2016.

IBC Stand: 8.B38

Info: www.inovonicsbroadcast.com