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IBC Sneak Peek: DHD Unveils New DSP Cores for Series 52

DSP cores natively incorporate the Ember+ control protocol

DHD is introducing a new generation of DSP Cores at IBC2016.

The new dual-core processors, 52/XD2, 52/XC2 and 52/XS2 for the company’s Series 52 mixers and routers, promise faster logic computing and improved high-resolution TFT graphics, says the firm.

Equipped with a built-in Dante interface providing four input channels and four output channels, the 52/XC2 and 52/XS2 DSP units are designed to easily manage AoIP tasks.

The 52/XS2 DSP core is the “budget” solution for smaller broadcast applications such as community radios, small commercial stations or editing booths. According to DHD, users can build mixers with four to 16 faders featuring advanced functions such as Automix and loudness metering.

The 52/XC2 DSP core is suited for larger, public or commercial stations as well as in television studios, explains DHD. With the core’s power-saving design and compact size (one rack unit) it can also be implemented in OB vans. The 52/XC2 lets operators control desks with up to 44 faders.

Finally, the 52/XD2 DSP core for use in larger mixing consoles with up to 64 channels offers multiple redundancy options.

DHD’s new DSP cores natively incorporate the Ember+ control protocol. Ember+ supports fader values, logic status and routing to be set and monitored from third-party hardware and software via Ethernet. In addition, Dante interfaces with up to 64 inputs and outputs each are available for all DSP cores as an option.

IBC Stand: 8.A21