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IBC Sneak Peek: ENCO Adds Enhancements

Extends reach of DAD radio automation across news production, content delivery

ENCO has added enhancements to its DAD radio automation system to strengthen integration between production and newsroom operations, and diversify options for dissemination of Program Associated Data.

These developments include the iNews MOS interface, which the company explains, allows DAD systems to play out assets from the Avid iNews newsroom computer system. By adding support for the Media Object Server-based protocol used by newsroom computer systems, DAD users can now manage — add, move, and modify — audio embedded in iNews stories.

Changes are automatically synchronized with playlists to keep everything up to date. ENCO has also added MetaPub metadata management to its PADapult program, which integrates with DAD and allows operators to send real-time texts to primary and secondary HD Radio channels, RDS encoders, web streamers or other locations that accept data.

With the new built-in MetaPub functionality, PADapult can now get rich metadata from ContentDepot’s MetaPub, which the company says, a majority of PRSS programs use for metadata distribution, including Classical 24, BBC World Service, Morning Edition.

PADapult users can then provide that metadata to listeners for any live PRSS program. PADapault can also be used in automatic or manual mode to get data from a broadcaster’s automation system.

IBC Stand: 8.D74