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IBC Sneak Peek: GatesAir Launches Intraplex LiveLook

Software solution for IP Network Visibility

At IBC2014, GatesAir will introduce In Intraplex LiveLook, a software solution designed to improve analysis and troubleshooting for IP transport of radio program audio and data.

LiveLook is a real-time interactive monitoring solution that works in conjunction with IntraplexIP Link codecs, with time-based graphical analysis of network statistics. Detailed network visibility helps broadcasters measure heavy and random burst packets and other performance-related measurements that adversely affect IP signal transport, with built-in data mining algorithms to automate packet analysis; and subsequent report generation that highlights optimal error mitigation tools and techniques.

These benefits, explains the company, combine to simplify the setup, configuration and optimization of IP networks, reducing complexity and improving overall network performance.

Furthermore, GatesAir points out, broadcasters can benefit from analysis of both live and logged data. The graphical nature of LiveLook, in conjunction with log clock association, gives users better insight into performance trends over periods of time. Additionally, the continuous logging of IP packets ensures that broadcasters can easily pinpoint and analyze statistics from a specific time window to review and troubleshoot known performance issues.

Overall, LiveLook helps broadcasters and network operators understand how well live streams and recovery techniques are performing, especially across large contribution and distribution networks.

IBC stand: 8.B10