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IBC Sneak Peek: Jünger D*AP4 Designed to Prevent Surprises

Networkable multipurpose processor creates “voice fingerprints”

Audio processors have come a long way since digital signal processing hit the mainstream. Jünger Audio’s D*AP4 VAP, part of the company’s Slim Line range, takes a new approach to maintaining the consistency of presenter voices.

Designed for use in radio and television studios, the D*AP4 VAP employs Jünger Audio’s Spectral Signature dynamic equalizer to analyze incoming voice audio and compare it to individual predetermined “voice fingerprints,” the company says. These can be stored on a central server for network access in multiple studios. To achieve a consistent sound impression, dynamic EQ correction can then be applied to the incoming audio such that it closely matches the version previously on file.

As well as various optional input and output boards, the D*AP4 VAP can also be fitted with Level Magic II loudness management processor and a separate loudness logging tool to help ensure level compliance and consistency. As with other Slim Line units, the D*AP4 is compatible with Jünger’s J*AM Application Manager, which provides detailed statistical information about system performance.

IBC stand: 10.A49