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IBC Sneak Peek: Loudness Solutions From RTW

Masterclass PlugIns Loudness Tools software and TM3-Primus make their IBC debut

At IBC2014 RTW will showcase the Masterclass PlugIns Loudness Tools software and TM3-Primus.

The Masterclass PlugIns Loudness Tools is a standard-format plug-in for Windows and Mac OS platforms. The first item in this new product line, Loudness Tools, was designed to serve the needs of users in the DAW sector, explains the firm. Meanwhile, the latest entry, the TM3-Primus is a compact, specialized meter at an entry-level price point, suitable for individuals working in smaller production environments such as OB vans.

RTW will also have TouchMonitor audio meters on display, including the TM3, TMR7, TM7 and TM9. RTW’s metering solutions conform to the EBU R128 loudness standard, as well as ITU-R BS.1770-3/1771-1, ATSC A/85, ARIB, OP-59, AGCOM, SPL mode and the U.S. Calm Act regulations.

IBC stand: 8.D92