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IBC Sneak Peek: MADI for Digigram LX-IP Ravenna PCIe

Optical MADI interface eases shift from synchronous audio toward more flexible, less costly IP Audio

Digigram has a new optical multichannel audio digital interface (MADI) option for its LX-IP Ravenna PCI Express(PCIe) sound card.

With the MADI option on its LX-IP dual-port Ravenna/AES67 sound card, Digigram says it provides connectivity that helps to ease the industry’s migration from synchronous audio (MADI) to IP audio (Ravenna/AES67) in the studio environment.

According to the company, the new MADI option facilitates a seamless shift to IP audio by supporting use of the LX-IP Ravenna sound card in a synchronous audio environment to connect up to 64/64 I/O MADI channels from/to the host PC and from/to Ravenna/AES67 AoIP equipment.

Because the Digigram sound card includes an embedded routing matrix, users can make a direct connection — with no latency — between Ravenna/AES67 streams and MADI channels, whether for monitoring purposes, redundancy or simply creating a bridge between the MADI and IP audio realms.

The card will ship by the end of 2014.

IBC Stand: 8.C51