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IBC Sneak Peeks: DEVA Displays FM, IP Monitor

The new solution features DSP-based tuner, RDS/RBDS decoder, more

DEVA is showcasing the DB3010 FM radio and IP audio monitor, which the company explains, can simultaneously supervise the FM and online stream of a radio station to ensure advanced performance, remote monitoring and clear sound reproduction.

This rack-mountable unit is equipped with two speakers to reproduce mid- and high-range audio frequencies, and one high-efficiency bass reflex speaker. DB3010 supports MP3 and PCM IP audio codecs and, in addition, allows users to toggle through the FM and online stream of their radio station to confirm audio presence and quality in live broadcast environments. The device is compatible with various streaming media platforms, Icecast and Shoutcast, included.

DB3010 monitoring gear has a built-in sensitive and high-selective DSP-based tuner that allows the FM and online stream of the station to be selected, monitored and listened to. This dedicated hardware lets users monitor the sound of one’s station as well as measure and store the RF level, MPX deviation, left and right audio levels parameters for future analysis.

The DB3010 comes with a built-in RDS/RBDS decoder for self-monitoring purposes.

IBC stand:8.D79