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IBC2018: Neumann Reissues U 67

Studio favorite is available again

Legacy microphone maker Neumann did a big favor for audio aficionados this year — reissuing of one of its famed microphones, the U 67.

For decades those looking for the U 67’s big sound had to scour auction sites or pester vintage audio equipment dealers for creaky old stock — and hoped their treasure worked (or could be made to work after an expensive refurbishment).

The U 67 was introduced in 1960 and quickly found a home as on option in recording studios throughout Europe and the United States. Adventurous broadcast engineers have tried to talk their GMs into springing for one.

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The tube-based mic features the K 67 capsule for that buttery Neumann sound. The new issue, according to Neumann is loyal to its past. Neumann President Wolfgang Fraissinet said, “The reissue has been meticulously reproduced to original specifications …”

Keeping with the original are selectable omni/figure 8/cardioid pattern, low-cut filter, BV 12 output transformer along with matching tube circuitry for the EF86 tubes.

IBC Stand 8.D5