IMediaTouch Supports Wide Orbit

OMT automation system is compatible with ad traffic software
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OMT's iMediaTouch automation system is compatible with Wide Orbit ad traffic software. Now iMediaTouch accepts Wide Orbit's Traffic Reconciliation ID numbers for tracking spots. Compatibility includes using iMediaTouch's "as run" log.

OMT Quality Assurance Manager Kevin Kowal said, "This new enhancement fully automates the ability to ensure the log ran as scheduled freeing traffic department staff to handle more valuable activities … Users can automatically import the iMediaTouch 'as run' log back into Wide Orbit to reconcile the traffic log and therefore bill accordingly. We appreciate Wide Orbit working closely with us on this project to ensure a much more efficient and effective user experience for our mutual clients."

The upgrade is available free to users of Versions 2.0 and 3.0.

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OMT Debuts v2.6 iMediaTouch

OMT will showcase version 2.6 of its iMediaTouch automated and live assist digital delivery system, and says it has added 48 operational features including FailSafe in case of a server failure, and Auto Trim for fine-tuning recordings.