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Symetrix Voice Processor adds feature
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Symetrix has added a helpful feature to its AirTools 2 line of voice processors: single preset importation.

Now users can import and sneakernet specific presets between AirTools 2 processors rather than having to move whole preset collection files.

Mark Ullrich, senior technical sales engineer, Symetrix, explained: “Station managers can move the entire device file of one AirTools Voice Processor 2x to another unit, but more specific transfers involving individual presets were not yet possible … There may be situations where voice talent moves among various studios. With this latest software release, station managers can copy individual presets from one unit and move them to other units without overwriting other device file settings such as dynamic processing or EQ.”

The feature is a software upgrade, available at the website.


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AirTools 6200 Has Split Personality

The AirTools 6200 is a single rack space dual digital voice processor. Considering the popularity of the venerable Symetrix 528E and 422, and evolution into DSP technology inherent in the Symetrix 628, I suspect Symetrix thought hard about where to take its next generation of microphone processor. With a portfolio of great-sounding and affordable equipment, perhaps making one that is even more flexible was the next big step. The AirTools 6200 by Symetrix is designed to meet a myriad of needs.