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INOmini 632 Expands Data Functionality

Small box is Inovonics FM and FM/HD Radio receiver for monitoring

Inovonics says its INOmini 632 HD Radio Monitor/Receiver will include off-air data logging capabilities for Artist and Song Title information.

“This new functionality allows stations to validate live off-air PAD (Program Associated Data) via a new front-panel USB port connected to a PC for logging and proof of play,” it said in a newsletter, adding that preorders can be placed with dealers now.

The INOmini 632 is an FM and FM/HD Radio receiver for off-air broadcast monitoring. It receives analog FM broadcast transmissions, as well as FM/HD Radio digital broadcasts transmitted via an FM station’s associated HD1 through HD8 auxiliary digital broadcast channels. Analog FM and HD Radio digital programs are accompanied by digitized text and “housekeeping data.” FM RDS (Radio Data System) and HD Radio PAD (Program Associated Data) are shown on the front LCD display, along with readouts of signal quality information. Three INOmini series modules can be custom mounted in a 1U space.

InoMini 632: Pro Features, Reasonable Price (2012)