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Internet Media Device Alliance Will Launch at CES

Radio broadcasters are invited to participate

Several streaming media companies have created an industry forum called the Internet Media Device Alliance. An inaugural meeting is planned for Jan. 9 at CES.

The group aims to define technical standards, functions and profiles to encourage development of Internet media devices. Other objectives include promoting Internet-connected device technology to consumers and retailers. Membership is open to consumer electronics OEMs, retailers, radio broadcasters, content aggregators, online music service providers, device manufacturers and technology providers.

“It’s clear that the time has come for companies involved in the market for Internet media devices, first of all Internet radios, to join forces and present a clear message to the consumer about these products and to provide a consistent user experience between products,” states IMDA Chairman Harry Johnson.

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Groups like Frontier Silicon, Global Radio and the BBC form the steering committee, shaped at the Internet Radio Summit in 2008, hosted by the BBC in London.