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IQOYA Goes Mobile

App developed for iPhone, and other news

Digigram’s IQOYA family of IP audio products has a software app member, IQOYA *Mobile.

IQOYA *Mobile is an iPhone app for turning an iPhone into an MPEG 2 layer II or AAC codec along with a handheld recorder/editor. The app is fully duplexed. It is compatible with third-party N/ACIP-compatible codecs.

Also new for the IQOYA family is IQOYA*Link/IC. A slimmed down version of the IQOYA Link, Link/IC is an IP codec designed for intercom duties. It is fully duplexed and uses G.711 and G.722 codec schemes. It can be remotely controlled via the Web.

Though designed as a intercom device, Digigram insists “IQOYA Link/ID does not compromise… with state-of-the-art stream management specs (such as stream jitter management, FEC, QoS and error concealment features compensating for lost packet errors) for robust and efficient communications in mission critical, live situations,” according to a release.