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iZotope Removes Noise

ANR-B is a two-channel processor aimed at broadcast.

In the perfect radio world there is no noise in a facility’s audio chain. But the perfect world doesn’t have call-in talk shows, noisy remotes and other sources of unwanted noise.

Perhaps the iZotope ANR-B Adaptive Real-time Noise Reduction Unit can help. The “B” is for broadcast.

Mark Ethier, CEO of iZotope, said, “Broadcasters face real-time noise challenges ranging from cell phone call-ins to noisy air conditioners and bad wiring.”

The ANR-B is a two-channel digital processor that is designed to detect aberrant noises and “adapt” its algorithms to remove them in real time, not post. The unit can be “trained.” A control mode allows the user to hear the noise being removed.

The processor works at up to 96 kHz. Onboard presets are designed to attack common problems such as typical cell phone noises. An Ethernet connection allows for firmware updates.