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IZT Joins WorldDMB, Unveils DAB Products

Has introduced a new DAB modulator and DAB ContentServer

Professional DAB equipment supplier IZT GmbH has announced it has joined WorldDMB, a global forum pushing the adoption and implementation of digital radio based on DAB, DAB+ and DMB.

World DMB works with broadcasters, network providers, car, receiver, chip and equipment manufacturers, governments and official bodies around the world on international co-operation and a coordinated rollout of services.

IZT has also introduced two products that can now be applied to the IZT S1000 signal generator. The IZT Dab ContentServer’ embedded edition is a new software option for the S1000 that can encode and multiplex audio and data services for DAB, DAB+ and DMB.

Also, the DAB/DAB+/DMB modulator supports simultaneous streaming of multiple ensembles, allowing a direct link between the IZT DAB ContentServer and the IZT S1000 and is capable of dynamic reconfigurations.