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Jampro Enlarges NAB Show Presence

NAB Sneak Peek: New FM bandpass combiner, and business expansion

Jampro Antennas, fresh from its Alan Dick Broadcast /article/jampro-acquires-uks-alan-dick-broadcast/211526″ target=”_blank”>acquisition, has announced that it will have a larger presence at this year’s NAB Show.

It will also be showing new products. On the radio side, the lead announcement is the new RCCC-102-FM Constant Impedance FM Bandpass Combiner (shown). Jampro says these modular combiners “use temperature compensated bandpass filters with integrated heat sink tops to keep filters cool and locked on their frequencies.”

Jampro also has a new “compact” 8-inch RCEC mask filter that is “designed to provide superior mask filter performance at an affordable price and an output power of 5 kW.”

On the TV side is at least three new UHF antennas: the JAT-U Super Turnstile antenna, a radome-enclosed Band IV and Band V capable of multichannel duties and the JUHD Broadcast UHF Panel antenna, another radome-enclosed antenna that “can be configured to provide various azimuth and elevation patterns and offers optional beam tilt and null fill to allow maximum coverage.” Both the JAT-U and JUHD can be horizontally or vertically mounted.

The last is the Prostar JA/MS-BB Broadband UHF Slot antenna. Jampro calls this antenna “economical” and compact, “especially designed for multi-channel/combined channel operations in analog-analog, analog-digital or digital-digital TV applications.”

NAB Booth: C2307