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JK Audio Introduces New RemoteMix

BluePack upgraded with HD Voice

JK Audio has a new member of its RemoteMix family — the RemoteMix 2 (shown). The battery-operable RemoteMix 2 is a two-channel field mixer/phone hybrid/headphone amplifier. It also has a built-in notebook/cellphone interface. It is compatible with U.S., European and Australian power grids.

The CSM-IP is a call screener module for the JK Audio Concierge talk show system. The CSM-IP provides call screener software tools and has a resident web server program for remote control of a Concierge system. It can also facilitate conference calling.

JK Audio is also announcing an upgrade to the BluePack Bluetooth cellphone interface. Depending on the phone, the BluePack can accommodate HD Voice, the extended voice bandwidth standard. HD Voice rates 120 Hz–7 kHz, compared to standard 300 Hz–3.4 kHz phone call voice bandwidth.

NAB Show Booth: C3249