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Jünger Audio R*APs at NAB

New processor designed for loudness control, FM signal conditioning

The next addition to Jünger Audio’s *AP family of audio processors is R*AP, a radio processor that includes signal mastering, loudness control and FM signal conditioning with adaptive pre-emphasis control and MPX power limiter.

Due for release in Q3, the R*AP is a 1RU unit with fail-safe that incorporates powerful software tailored to radio, the company says. This network-controlled processor is designed to be inserted into the transmission chain but can be used as a variety of other ways including production, mic and hybrid audio control.

With R*AP, engineers can manipulate various elements of the signal by adding EQ and dynamics. It will also incorporate Spectral Signature, Jünger Audio’s automatic spectral sound management algorithm that dynamically boosts and attenuates frequency bands to preserve natural balance while achieving station sound, Jünger says.

Jünger adds that with Spectral Signature, users can analyze the ideal recording of their voice automatically, direct or over telephone lines, and create predefined sound fingerprints that become the reference the algorithm matches to on subsequent live recordings.

R*AP also provides functions to log audio output for future analysis of loudness and MPX.

NAB Show Booth: C2333