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JVCKenwood and aptX Work Together

Consumer electronics company to utilize codec in car infotainment products

JVCKenwood, maker of infotainment centers for autos, has announced a deal to use the aptX codec.

The codec, related to the aptX professional codec seen in broadcast equipment, is under license from CSR PLC, which acquired the APT intellectual property entity in 2010 after it had separated from the hardware maker in 2009. The hardware maker was later acquired by WorldCast Systems. CSR focuses on consumer electronics and has been licensing the aptX codec to consumer electronics makers as a vehicle for distributing audio via wired and wireless devices.

JVCKenwood announced that it will use the codec in 13 devices, including navigation and DVD systems. Its role will be as a decoder to receive aptX encoded signals via Bluetooth from smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. A release says that the aptX has less latency, ~35 ms, in comparison to the commonly used A2DP, ~150 ms. Millions of smartphones, including those manufactured by HTC and Samsung, offer aptX, according to the release.

Senior Vice President, Business Group, CSR, Anthony Murray said, “Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to bring their favorite audio content into the vehicle and they expect to be able to stream it to the head unit without compromising on audio quality.”