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Kidd Mans the Mobile Booth

Sneak Peek: AM Ground Systems captain can help stations with unstable patterns and other headaches

Networking in the aisles, suites and lobbies is as much a part of the NAB Show as working the booths.

Kevin Kidd, CSRE/AMD, chief proprietor and bottle washer of AM Ground Systems, will be manning a “mobile booth” throughout the show.

That is, he’ll be walking the floor meeting prospective clients, though he expects to be anchored around the Kintronic Labs or RF Specialties booths for spells. (He tells RW he’ll be “the large bald guy wearing a khaki button-up shirt bearing the AM Ground Systems logo.”)

Kidd is in Vegas to drum up business. He specializes in “turnkey or a la carte physical AM site services. We specialize in AM ground system construction, evaluation and repair. We also perform physical site work in preparation for MoM proofs. Replacement of sample, feed or control lines is completed while protecting the AM ground system. Compressed time-line projects are easily accommodated.”

Among stations that can benefit from his service are those with CPs about to expire, that have lost AM coverage or that have a ground system that is old, damaged or vandalized. If your base impedance or DA pattern is unstable, or if your station sees dramatic system or range changes in wet-to-dry conditions, Kidd says he can help.

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