Klotz Consoles Go to Radio Guangdong

DC 3 consoles will be used to replace two of the existing DC 2 consoles in the Chinese broadcaster’s on-air studios
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Klotz Communications has announced its DC 3 consoles have been delivered to the Chinese broadcaster Radio Guangdong.

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The two DC 3 consoles to be used by Radio Guangdong have 12 and 16 faders respectively, and will be replacing two existing DC 2 consoles in its on-air studios. The consoles join other Klotz products in use by the broadcaster, since 2002, a VADIS networking system was installed.

“The integration of the DC 3 consoles into the existing VADIS network means that Radio Guangdong, and any other DC 2 user for that matter, can upgrade their existing equipment step-by-step and with minimal interruption to their daily operations,” says Andre Sauer, partner and general manager of Klotz Communications.

Radio Guangdong has eight on-air studios, a main and standby router, a transmission path monitoring system and a transmission routing system that is connected to the main broadcast building via fiber link. The DC 3 consoles were supplied to Radio Guangdong through the distributor Hangzhou Linker Digital Technology.


Klotz Wins RTM Contract

Klotz Digital won a contract from Radio Television Malaysia for a new regional facility in Kuching and Alor Star to supply Vadis MCR Routers, Vadis DC II and Aeon On-Air console surfaces.