Korg Says Play Me

A ‘Media Player’ for live sound pros
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Talk about product categories that didn’t exist a few years ago …

Musical device maker Korg’s MP-10 Pro calls itself a “Professional Media Player.”

So what does the “professional media player” do? It plays MP3 and MIDI files. In the case of the MP-10 Pro, those files are stored on a jumbo 120 GB hard drive. Dual internal “players” allow for DJ-style operation (e.g. cueing, crossfades). Programmable buttons allow for effects/clip triggering.

Other fun features include a vocal remover, XLR and 1/4-inch mic inputs along with video outputs to provide a karaoke cornucopia. Onboard effects and a TC Helicon vocal processor are also included.

The MP-10 also has functions for dealing with large amount of content that can accrue on a 120 GB hard drive. A QWERTY keyboard input allows for song data input and customization.


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