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KRK Wheels Out Headphones

Monitor maker joins the ‘heard’

KRK Systems, a boutique monitor specialist, has joined the ever-growing list of audio companies making headphones.

New to the KRK stable are the KNS-6400 and the KNS-8400 headphones. Price: KNS-6400: $99; KNS-8400: $149.

The closed-back, circumaural sets are designed for portability, with rotatable earcups. The oxygen-free copper cable is detachable. Ear and head pads are replaceable.

Drivers are 40mm neodymium. Nominal performance is 10 Hz–22 kHz for the KNS-6400 and 5 Hz–23 kHz for the KNS-8400.

KRK CEO Tim Dorwart said the goal was a headphone that closely replicates the “studio monitor experience” yet be light in weight and affordable.