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Lawo Enhances RƎLAY

The virtual radio suite 4.0 includes SMPTE 2022-7

Lawo has just rolled out several major upgrades with the release of RƎLAY 4.0 software.

According to the company, a significant new feature in RƎLAY 4.0 is the addition of SMPTE 2022-7, which is sometimes referred to as Seamless Protection Switching or “hitless merge.”

ST2022-7 is an AoIP standard for simultaneous transmission of dual, identical audio streams via independent network paths. This, says Lawo, allows for instant, undetectable switching to a backup network link should the primary be interrupted.

RƎLAY 4.0 also includes multiple independent headphone controls for multi-mic talk shows; preview of external audio sources from AES67/Ravenna network prior to fader assignment; selectable audio processing with user-definable presets on PGM and REC busses; support for GPIO control of VRX8 functions via open-source Ember+ protocol; and enhanced facility integration with remote switching of output streams now possible via Lawo VSM and Matrix Server software, as well as Ember+.

RƎLAY users can download the v4.0 software directly from the Lawo Downloadcenter at To obtain demonstration versions of any RƎLAY 4.0 software, simply visit