LBA Technology Updates CAMI and CAMIMAX

Models offer solutions to add FM translators, LPFM and LPTV to AM tower
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LBA Technology Inc. has updated its CAMI and CAMIMAX AM isocoupler hardware with three new models. The company introduces the CAMI500, CAMI1800 and CAMI5000, billed as affordable ways to add FM translators, LPFM and LPTV to an AM tower.

Broadcasters can choose from the three models according to their needs; each can handle “typical FM or TV power to 5000 watts” and” allow a transmission line at any frequency, from DC–3GHz, to ‘jump’ the AM base insulator without affecting either service,” according to LBA.

“Feedback and demand from within the industry helped the LBA research and development team refine our original and successful CAMIs into three even more flexible, attractive, and cost effective units,” LBA Chief Operating Officer Mike Britner said in the announcement.

The company says the updated versions feature “more convenient power ratings and new connector options.” Specifically, “Type N connectors are standard on the CAMI500, either Type N or 7/16 DIN connectors are available for the CAMI1800, and a choice of 7/16 DIN or 7/8 EIA connectors are available on the CAMI5000.” Detailed specs for each model are available here.

CAMIs are available from directly from LBA or from select broadcast distributors worldwide. LBA also plans to support the legacy models already in the field.


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LBA Technology — John George

The CAMI provides an economical way of placing an FM translator antenna as well as STL and RPU antennas on a “hot” AM tower without requiring major changes in the antenna system.