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Linear Acoustic Spotlights Aeromax-HDFM Processor

Linear Acoustic Spotlights Aeromax-HDFM Processor

Linear Acoustic will be at the Pennsylvania Convention Center showing its Aeromax-HDFM Multichannel Digital Processor.
It incorporates programmable audio processing for a main FM and HD/Digital Radio signal paths, in addition to separate multiband processing for one or two supplementary audio channels. The unit also provides 5.1-channel surround-sound encoding using SRS Labs Circle Surround technology.
The firm said the unit allows stations to deliver 5.1 channel surround content that can be decoded by a large number of available surround decoders including Circle Surround, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby PLII, DTS Neo 6 and Harman Logic 7.
“Circle Surround provides one of the unit’s major features,” the company stated, “the ability to encode 5.1-channel surround sound audio – produced, for example, by DVD-A or SACD discs, or live sources – into a compatible two-channel signal that can be broadcast over HD Radio and even FM by virtue of a proprietary processing structure that allows analog FM to carry surround sound without increasing multipath effects.” The processor won a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award at the spring NAB.
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