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Local Voice-Tracking From WinMedia

Adds multi voice-tracking capabilities to its WinMedia Radio Suite

WinMedia has developed WinMedia Voice-Track, a new multi voice-tracking feature for its WinMedia Radio suite. The function lets users localize voice-tracks for regional broadcasts.

With WinMedia Voice-Track, radio stations that provide local programming no longer have to produce several playlists. Using the new module, they simply need to prepare one playlist and have their on-air talents add the voice-tracks to one of the 32 available recording tracks, explains the firm.

Embedded in the WinMedia Mixing module, the voice-tracking feature allows users to edit mixing points, control all voice-tracks at once and have on-air talents record voice-tracks of the same length. Featuring multi-zone capabilities, the on-air module triggers the right voice-track for each broadcasting zone from a single playlist.