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Locking Down the USB

New latching USB cable is from L-com

To combat loose USB connectors, L-com Global Connectivity has introduced USB cables with “latching” USB connectors.

USB connectors find themselves taking on more duties as “digital” becomes the norm for most every kind of signal; they find themselves in increasingly unfriendly environments. The USB’s original designers probably never considered the connector might be used out of doors or in high-vibration environments.

As a result, the connector relies on friction to hold it in. While that might handle rabid dust bunnies, a solution has been needed for more stressful environments.

L-com’s new CAUALAL and CAUALB offer a solution.

The male USB connector on the cable has a “Type A” spring-loaded latch. The latch uses two side-mounted tabs on the connector tongue to extend inside the female USB shell. The tabs can be retracted by pressing on releases mounted on the sides of the exposed part of the male USB shell.