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Logitek Brings ENCO Inside

JetStream router gets a resident DAD

Console and routing equipment maker Logitek and automation software developer ENCO Systems have teamed up to put an ENCO DAD playout automation system inside a Logitek JetStream audio over IP routing platform (shown).

Logitek President Tag Borland described it: “With ENCO Inside, we are essentially offering a full radio studio within a single two rack unit box … All you need is a microphone to make it complete.”

He added: “Comprehensive audio management and playout are now combined with the mixing, processing and audio distribution capabilities of the JetStream, providing seamless integration between content management and audio management.”

According to a release, the suite of utilities combines the functionality of list-driven playout and automation, user-defined hotkeys, content creation, distribution and management, voice tracking, scheduling and reconciliation.

ENCO General Manager Patrick Campion said the ability to incorporate the DAD platform within a microprocessor-based system such as the JetStream “is unique among automation software companies.”