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Logitek Moves Into the JetStream

Will announce IP audio router line; chooses Radio Systems StudioHub+ for I/O.

(click thumbnail)Logitek Electronic Systems will use the convention to reveal a big commitment to IP audio and a new routing platform, the JetStream series. First in the line is the JetStream Mini.

“The JetStream represents the next generation of IP-based audio routing systems,” said President Tag Borland. “These products take advantage of the latest network protocols and are therefore extremely easy to setup, administer and use.”

The JetStream features a variety of inputs, outputs and controllers. Eight input/output card slots on the backplane can facilitate any combination of analog, digital (AES or S/PDIF) or 48 V microphone preamp. Cards are interfaced with StudioHub+ RJ-45 connectors.

Also available are four control surface interface ports, two USB ports, an external sync interface, a DVI monitor output for use with vScreen and two Gigabit Ethernet ports. Silent operation is facilitated by fanless convection cooling.

One JetStream Mini can talk to four control surfaces. The external sync can control all JetStreams in a network. “Just enter the names of the channels and the JetStream will do everything else. It acquires addresses, advertises its shared channels and makes a list of sources offered by other JetStream units on the network,” said Borland.

A single-studio operation with a Remora control surface costs less than $8,000; a networked studio is about $10,000, Borland said.

Separately, Logitek said it has chosen the Radio Systems StudioHub+ system as an input/output form factor.

According to Borland, “The StudioHub+ system has become the wiring standard in radio installations over the past several years. … It allows good wiring density and ultrafast connections with the convenience of premade cables.” Radio Systems President Dan Braverman stated, “The ‘plug and play’ concept of the Jetstream Mini not only applies to the unit’s IP audio configuration, but to the entire installation.”

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