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London Calling (for Silence)

Room kits make acoustic treatment easier

Primacoustic has added two acoustic treatment room kit packages to its London line.

As packages they can be preferable to trying to figure out exactly what a studio might need and then ordering a la carte.

London 8 ($199) and London 10 ($499) each contain acoustic “scatter blocks” measuring 12 inches square by 1 inch thick. The first package has eight blocks, the second has a dozen. Additionally, London 8 has four 36-inch x 12-inch x 1.5-inch “Control Column” acoustic panels while London 10 has eight 48-inch x 12-inch x 2-inch Control Columns. Mounting hardware is included.

Panel color choices are black, gray and beige. The panels are made of six-pound glass wool with a fabric covering and are rated Class 1/A for fire safety.

Product Specialist Jay Porter said this is an expansion from the London 12 line. “It offers the user a complete package of professional grade acoustical treatment that looks great, works great and is economical. Our next logical step was to develop kits that could accommodate smaller rooms and specialty applications.”