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Looking for That Warm Sound

Nomad plug-in mimics reel-to-reel tape sound

Nomad Factory’s Magnetic plug-in isn’t the first tape emulation DAW plug-in, but it is the newest.

Available as a Windows, Mac RTAS or VST plug-in, Magnetic offers a solid range of features. Effects include reel speed, tape saturation, tape “color” (compression), limiting and high and low EQ.

Magnetic’s nice GUI imitates a generic old, tube-style piece of audio equipment, complete with old-school black Bakelite knobs and a VU meter.

Truly grizzled veterans of reel-to-reel usage might ask where are the wow and flutter controls? Crinkled or stretched tape or flaking oxide effects? Print-though, anyone?

But that’s the point: all the “good” tubey sound without any of the actual hassle that reel-to-reel recorders engender. For “squeaky clean” digital production and HD broadcasts maybe a little syrup might sweeten the sound.

Until Dec. 12 Nomad is offering Magnetic at $49.99. Regularly it will be priced at $199.