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Lowell Racks Get Accessories

Shelves, panels, cable chases, etc. available

As they say, “Accessories make the outfit (or substitute ‘woman, man, look, difference…’),” and Lowell Mfg. has taken that to heart with its new bundles for its LGR (gangable) and LER (enclosed) rack series.

Depending upon the rack Lowell is making available packages with horizontal or vertical cable managers, fan panels, utility shelves, power strips, leg levelers, Velcro cable wraps, etc.

Lowell has also announced that the LXR “slimline” floor rack is available in the “IAV” option — pre-assembled (pictured right). The pre-assembly can include installation of options such as vented rack panels, power strips or swivel casters. The LXR-IAV is available in 14-, 30- or 38-rack unit sizes.

The LER is also available as a pre-assembled IAV with 18-, 21- or 35-rack unit sizes in the 27-inch deep model (pictured left).The LGR is shipped unassembled.