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“LUCI in the Cloud With Backbone”

Backbone Networks Corp. and Technica Del Arte highlight a cloud-based combo package for radio work on the go

A cloud-based offering that combines two “radio backhaul” services is aimed at stations that want to produce live talk, news or sports programming using an iPhone or iPad.

Backbone Networks Corp. and Technica Del Arte will promote the approach at this month’s IBC convention. Client Fantasy Sports Network is using the dual package, they said.

Backbone Co-Host and LUCI Global are the “backhaul” services involved. “When married together, they allow talk radio stations to produce live programming — contributed from anywhere in the world with the simplest of equipment and no physical infrastructure,” the companies said in an announcement.

LUCI Global is a cloud-based version of LUCI LiveIP audio reportage software. It enables reporters, guests and hosts to contribute to broadcasts of stations listed in a directory, via 4G or Wi-Fi, using a free iOS app from the iTunes App Store, the companies stated. Versions are pending for Android and other devices.

Backbone Co-Host is a cloud-based radio backhaul and production service for stations; it manages incoming feeds using Apple Mac-based producer/screener software. “Co-Host allows multiple hosts, guests and reporters to conference with each other, and also with listeners who call into the station’s phone system.”

Technica Del Arte is based in Amsterdam; it makes the LUCI line of live broadcast software applications. Backbone Networks Corp. is out of Massachusetts; its offerings include production and automation software, terrestrial/satellite program syndication and streaming distribution.