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Mac Guinea Pigs Needed

Adobe Audition beta for Mac now available

Adobe Audition, remembered fondly by a decreasing number as Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, hasn’t been available to the Mac platform. Until now.

Officially: Adobe has announced a Mac beta version of the DAW program is available to the public.

According to a press release, Adobe Audition for the Mac is based on a new underlying architecture but it should be relatively the same as the Windows version on the face and in features.

Audition is a full-featured, bells and whistles, multichannel audio mixing, editing, processing and mastering program.

Ali Lexa, program producer and Web director, KPFK(FM), an Audition user, endorsed the development in a statement in the company’s announcement, saying it uses the program and is “thrilled’ it is now available on the Mac.

Vice President and General Manager for Dynamic Media at Adobe Jim Guerard said prospective beta volunteers will be helping the company develop the best final product.

(Of course, as with all betas, if your computer catches fire, turns into a doorstop or simply begins to respond only to commands in Klingon, well, that’s your tough luck. But more likely it will work well … and it’s FREE!)