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MacBe TRX011 Transmits, Receives RDS

Serves as FM RDS receiver and FM RDS transmitter in one unit

The TRX011 from Netherlands-based MacBe is a combination of a full-featured stereo FM RBDS receiver and a stereo FM RBDS short-range transmitter, explains the company.

Using a Windows GUI, which decodes RDS data, the device can be used to record RDS data in receiver mode (raw or filtered) and transmit this information (or manually entered information) using the transmitter option. It is also possible to add audio from a soundcard and insert the artist name and song title in the RDS radio text and radio text plus entries.

The system supports all functions that are specified in the RDS standards, including AF, EON, TMC and EAS lists. The TRX011 is suitable for open data application development and simulating bench tests, says MacBe.

Optionally, a library is available, which can be used to control the most important features from an external program to create fully automated test suites. The latest addition to the control program is the option for remote logging using UDP.

The TRX01 is ready to use “out of the box” and comes with antenna, USB and audio cables, stereo headphones and a memory stick with the control program.

The control program and its updates can be downloaded for free and will run in demo mode when no hardware is present.