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Mandozzi Cimix Offers Control

Compact digital on-air mixer is designed for flexible operation

Mandozzi Elettronica’s new on-air radio mixer, the Cimix features the same operational capabilities and ease of use as its larger siblings, the Gmix and Serix digital mixers, but in a smaller, more compact version, says the firm.

Sporting a control surface with touchscreen monitor and separate rackmounted processor, the Cimix mixer system is particularly suited for operators and sound technicians who need to manage several studios single-handedly. Cimix can also be connected to a Mandozzi audio router to create a network of interacting mixers.

The aluminum console frame features 12 or 16 motorized faders and a 12-inch multipurpose touchscreen. The central processor (with switching and DSP circuits) features redundant power supplies and allows operators to select replace parts while it is in use. Users can select the signal chain sequence processing for each channel. Each channel is equipped with a filter bank, dynamics, signal tapping point for dB meter, pre-fader, fader, balance/pan, stereo width and insert.

The system is fitted with eight software-configurable mic/line inputs with 48 V phantom power; 12 line inputs; eight AES/EBU stereo I/Os; four stereo headphone outputs with an integrated preamplifier; and eight general-purpose I/Os.

For information, contact Mandozzi Elettronica in Switzerland at +41-91-935-78-00 or visit