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Mapping Gets Easier With V-Soft

Probe 3, FM Commander, AM-Pro 2 and Conductivity add features.

V-Soft Communications is offering a series of upgrades for several of its programs and will discuss them with attendees in Austin.

The Probe 3 radio frequency propagation software is adding an updatable census database module. Census data down to block-level can be utilized along with “Landmark” data.

An Internet mapping feature has been added to the FMCommander FM allocations program. Also added is an FCC rule 73.215-compatible short space mapping function for visualizing transmitter locations.

The big brother AM allocation and mapping program, AM-Pro 2, has added an improved contour function and a “Detailed Report” for AM daytime radiation limit generation.

Last, the Conductivity AM field strength and ground conductivity measurement program has added a correction values filter and an export function for use with AM-Pro.

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