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Marketron Adds Visual Traffic Cloud Solution

Also offerings cloud version for Marketron Traffic and Radio Traffic

Marketron says it’s now offering its Visual Traffic revenue management solution via the cloud.

Customers who switch to the cloud platform will no longer need to maintain servers for this purpose, will enable permission-based remote access and facilitate updates, according to the press release.

“All three of Marketron’s revenue management solutions – Marketron Traffic, Visual Traffic and Radio Traffic – are available in the cloud serving up the latest and most powerful revenue management solutions,” Marketron CEO Michael Collins said in the announcement.

The announcement also cited the example of Visual Traffic Lake Broadcasting, which found the cloud useful when they acquired a station.

“The ability to put our VT software in the cloud allowed us to seamlessly share reports, produce traffic logs, enter contracts, and update A/R from either location without having to go through a troublesome update process. VT in the cloud has been a very beneficial and efficient upgrade for LBI,” Lake Broadcasting General Manager Jeremy E. Jeffcoat said in the release.

Marketron says it will also continue to offer the self-hosted version of the traffic and billing platform, but existing customers can also switch to the cloud-based platform.