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Master Multiple Computers With Gefen Box

As many as 32 computers can be controlled from one workstation

Interconnect box specialist Gefen has a new box out that might be of interest to engineering and IT personnel faced with monitoring many computers throughout a facility, a 4 x 1 DVI KVM multiview switcher (EXT-DVIK-MV-41).

The 1 RU box provides outputs for two DVI monitors along with inputs for keyboard and mouse. Up to eight boxes can be daisy-chained for a total of 32 computers slaved to one workstation. There are four source DVI input banks per box. Each bank has a USB port, mic and speaker audio inputs

Main video output is up to 1,920 x 1,200/WUXGA. The box provides a number of viewing options such as picture in picture, quad view, etc. Price: $1,999