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Mayah Adds FM and IP Options

IBC debuts include a ‘community’ platform

Germany’s Mayah Communications, a hardware and software codec developer, is bringing several new tools to Amsterdam and next month’s IBC show.

The C11 family is adding an FM receiver box, the C11FM. Typical of the C11 line, it’s a half-rack unit. The C11FM communicates with C11 codec siblings via USB. It adds an onboard AGC. A C11FM module is available as an option for the C1130 hardware codec.

Mayah will also demonstrate a “community platform” called SendIt4 (PDF).

SendIt4 is designed to act as a high-quality conferencing system/audio distribution tool for IP use. Early reports mention as many as four continuous users. It will be N/ACIP compatible and compatible with Mayah Centauri II/III, C11 and other Mayah codecs.

A smartphone app also is highlighted.